d.boon George Hurley and Mr. Mike Watt

the anchor, that is it, the heart, the dedication.  I never saw the minutemen. Long ago,  I stood outside the bar, peaking through the mailslot, when I could.  Lifting the springed flap open, the music astoundinginishly good sounding.   I did not know what to think, or to commit to.  and the lack of funds, I knew I wanted to be close, but I held back on buying a ticket and being inside.

just as well,   all these years later, and all this time past. 

I look at the anchor.

and tonight, I feel lucky, to feel regret, that something, that part of me, way back when,was looking, and that something in me, its grown up a bit.  Its learned.  

thanks Mike, thanks for playing tonight  I'm glad I got to see you. and Cheers to d.boon, and George Hurley.     I don't know what else to say, but, thanks.

david lowe


David McDuff said...

Very nice, DLo. Great shot of Watt, too. Here's a little something you might enjoy:

25 Years of Double Nickels on the Dime


d.lowe said...

cool link, very nice read. cheers!