I'm jaw dropped amazed by people, by some of the things that people do, that they paint, compose, write, cook, brew, ride, lend a hand.
I've found that I am quite self centered and naive.  and it feels a bit better to know, to know how stupid I am, ... not self down on myself, but un-enlightend.

and it might be funny that a band like the Death Grips at this moment is pulling it all together for me, what I am reading, how I'm riding, working.

I wrote them off, because I fell for it, the music, they just gave it away, and then shows, I got my ticket early and waited to see them, and it Cancelled, then they signed to a big label, and lots of tweets, FB'ing, and my disappointment, grew, but I still watched, curious, and then they gave this new one away, I don't understand it, but it yanks me along, following a mumbling shirtless man down the street and turning the corner and heading up an alley to who knows where, or why.   and Shows?


the last couple of days, I've been shooting, the grip, .... the new 76er's. in camp.  "losing's easy, winning's hard",
put yourself in the place to have pressure, work for it, Pressure?  You want to be the player taking a shot with 3 seconds left on the clock down by 14 points, or down by 1?    

I'm not looking for a rainbow to follow for a pot of gold, to sit in a chair and take it easy,  Where did that come from?   I like the work.  To work. 

this morning I opened the front door, about 5:30 am and stood on the threshold, time to leave to work,   It was foggy, really nice.   I stood.   "Nice world we've go here."  Amazing place.
a cat ran out, the tail flicked like a handshake good bye, a soft whip as the tip scooted past my leg.
Cheers, d.

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