The squeezing theorem is also called the sandwich theorem

I got a new camera, in the mail yesterday, so my canon t3i, which I will always adore, must be sold.   after months, days and hours of hovering my finger over the click button, I made the internet buy,  I pushed.

cross at Belmont today

I upgraded, not the full upgrade, but a step up, to a Canon 5d II,  got out with it a bit today.    I ripped open the box, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, charged the battery and spun a few dials, glanced a bit at how it functions, held it, just feeling the new shape in my hands.    I like that feeling, like on a ride with someone you don't know but you ride the same, but in a way still strange.     That, all these buttons, someday will be second nature.  That, we ride together again, and then its, I'll be there for you my friend.

I hit up a show tonight, Mono at Kungfu necktie.   I left early before the show was over.  I got bored.  They were bombastically simple.  Grand,  but just for a bit, then it became tedious.   I'm not sure what racing is going to be like tomorrow, whats going to come out of my legs.   Soon, I'll be in bed, soon I'll hear the rain pounding down on the roof.   HPXC is a bastard of a mud race.   I am going to suffer again.

Life is grand.  cheers, d.

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Carlos said...

Sweet! A new weather-sealed body, just in time for some weather.