Paul Weller - "Come On Let's Go"

I just looked at the women, her mouth moving, words into words.
Interject?  she'd raised the volume, and just sped up a bit.

I, sitting on the couch, I've made myself at home on, with a beer, shoes off.
It was a long day, up at 5, full day of work,  then seeing the Mod-father Paul Weller at Union Transfer.

a good show, loud, good selection of song, faster,  just a couple of old ones.   I had my camera, but just to take the 3 or 4 shots I did, that's all I could muster up.  
The shot I wanted, I didn't think of it, visualize it till riding the bike today, in the rain.
A couple of times during or at the finish of a song, he'd turn, head towards his stash on the right corner of the drum riser, and shoot out a good gob.   That's the shot I wanted last night, Paul spitting onto the floor of the stage. The gob flying stage bound, lips still pursed.  Working.     Well its just an image in my mind, that'll last as that.

I did not know the chatting woman, I knew Mark, from racing, and ran into him outside the venue.  I sat with him and a couple of other birds, and listened, to records and recantations of the past.  Till midnight, got up, drove home, had a beer, and went to bed.   Lee "how was the show?",  "It was good, a good night", I said.  She was right back to sleep.

We all looked so old, aged, the audience, I suppose we are.

best regards, david.

Paul Weller - "Fly Little Bird"

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