once in a while, a photograph, captures a true moment.
our team, at a sponsor's place, hanging out the day before putting on a local race.

I don't know, nothing to say, much.    People raced, tactics, a bit of rain, Podium, Podiums are quite important, for sure.   

The women's fields were a bit small, next year, I want us to double the number of women racing.
The frickin men's 1,2,3.  good race to watch,  attacks, f' bombs in the sprint,

mostly a good day for all, a little road rash, and I hope the PC master rider, who  crashed hard,  I hope he is fine, and that his wife is not too mad at him.

Frodo was spent,   Craig and Natalie's rescue, he is a swell pup,  look for him at grasstrack, or come say hey to Frodo at NittanyCx, have a beer, ring some cowbell, Lets gets some Cross on!

cheers racers, d.

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