I like the heat, I don't mind at all to ride when its hot.

I looked down at the top tube, at where the gloss was dulled, from the sweat drops.

I looked at my gloveless hands.  Resting ontop of the cx bikes bars.  I am riding into the sun.  And it's kicking down into the liquid seeping up outta my skin.

To finish the ride, as a reward, to keep pedaling harder, I'll ride over to Narberth.
I just lean the bike against the wall.   Walk in.   Pick out a couple of big bottles.
I put the cold bottles in my jersey pockets.

I swung my leg over the bike.  Bumped down the curb, headed home.

Nick Lowe - "Restless Feeling"  playing live @ WCL 8/8/13 a wee bit $$$ @ $35 but smooth, gotta go.

Cheers, d.

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