Ride on Philly

The land it motivates me.  Food, beers, art, music,  the weather, it motivates me.
not money, power,... I'm trying to get past the need for respectability.  a need for applause.

Stopping on a ride, the smells, beauty, a view from a ball busting climb, its more empowering than anything.  It is a truth.

I've thought a lot about my reactions and what I said, about being asked not to ride on Belmont Plateau.
and its hard for me because, when I get on the bike, and I see the world as a place to ride.  I tend to disregard fences, property lines.
Land, on a bike is,  a place to ride, not owned.  This brief freedom, rare.

an informal group of cyclist/cx'ers  have assembled, we met with the Government.
We talked like people, standing in grass, under a tree.  Me in my kit, and the others of us cyclist, all had pedaled over.  I told them of my route to the meeting, from Bala Cynwyd, to the Belmont trails, across Strawberry Mansion bridge, the boxer trail, to the short steep climb into the back yard of Macpherson house (1765).

an old post from 1/17/11  CR Picking Up Trash

I want us to have a place to ride, legit enough, clean, safe.   I'd love it to be more like a pick-up game of baseball,  more than, chalk lines, officials, time limits, permits.  I'll do what I can, to make my world, work in this world.  We have found a new spot, for PHLCX now to see,  how to make it happen.

Got out for a nice ride on the CX bike yesterday,  places like this, they exist inside the city limits of Philadelphia.

Ride on brothers and sister, free!  dlowe

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Joseph Brescia said...

Where do people meet up to go on cross rides or to practice in the Philly area? I'm new to cross and live right over the bridge in NJ. Thanks. Love the blog.