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a few years ago, I'd never saw myself becoming a cyclist.  Just happened. 
Friday I raced a crit, Saturday, some short track mtbike,  Saturday night, a nice long ride to the city, and back, on the beater to see a legend to me band, Wire.   Sunday, a long cyclocross ride.

a band I have listen to for over 30 years,  last night was my first time seeing them.  sort of a let down.
I'd be better off not of seeing them.  I would rather live with my imagination,  of not having bodies, faces, clothes, personalities, to go with the songs.   It sounded good, they played well,.... I'm not sure what it lacked for me?
I expected too much?     with over 30 years of listening, of just hearing them.


Wire -  "Reuters"
Riding home from the Wire show.
Late for sure. at this hour The river had stopped. I stopped, took a picture. . 

Then, up the Cynwyd paved trail, pitch black, really dark.  I sat further back over the saddle, in anticipation of unexpected.  I rode into the blackness, just trying to sense where to go.  Could be a big branch, could ride off the lip,  rocks.  No matter how hard I looked into the night, I only had my imagination, and memory to guide me.

 Wire - "In the Art of Stopping"

I left the show early,  before they finished, now, I wished I'd stayed a bit longer, maybe something happened, maybe a moment?    I already miss Wire.

Cheers, dlowe.

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