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Come up with a plan.  Cyclocross Water Ice ride.


"Cornbread, Eddie, and Me"

When we finished today we sat around, ate Water Ice, talk about history, places.  There was nowhere anyone of us wanted to live but
Philadelphia. Strange.

I got dropped on my own ride, super ok, with that, for sure.  Just funny.

I'm glad so many people, doctors, firefighters, teachers, they are asking me, "where is Cx Wed's going to be?"   "Grass Track".   Its an easy answer, "everywhere is off limits"   everywhere in the city I want to live in, the city I love.  For now.

This plot, it would work fine for Wednesday nights.

Its up by the Mann.
For Grass track, our small oval, would work on the grass area, close to the cricket pitch, the inner city polo grounds.  That plot would do me fine.
photo: Anne Rock

YO! Anne Rock got a flat and the group was a bit ahead, into the boxer section, and we were left behind.  No one noticed that I was gone.  No one waited at the end of a segment for us.  That's ok, I had a good time, Anne and I talked a lot,  we rode the small bits, that make up the ride. The ride is only as fast as the last rider.   and as a few of us sat, at the head of the trail, as Anne changed her tube, an old bloke, like me, worked out on a heavy bag.   Weight bench, bag, dumb bells, just set up in the park.  

Not to say, don't respect the ride.  Don't come out and be over your limits and make everyone ride at your speed.  Get fit.

I don't know who runs what.  Or how things work in this city.  I think, because, each level, runs its own way.  Each survives the best it can.  Each different.   and the power, it just moves around, you gotta find it, and make a deal with it.  In a sense, its raw, and simple.

I am only 50,  in a couple of weeks, 51.   In my head, I see myself younger, like 15.  If only.  I'm not looking for an easier chair to sit in.   A beach to lay on.  Nope.
I see so much potential, in myself, this city, people.

Cheers, dlowe.

to Joseph Garland of Swarthmore, PA. , I hope that I ride across your footsteps from the past.


Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, even Google Maps recognizes the track out on the plateau. Check out 2000 Belmont Mansion Drive. People come from all over to ride this - there's even a Yelp review from a lovely woman from New Zealand about it. Philadelphia Parks and Rec, you so crayzeee....

d.lowe said...

what a beautiful park, for sure. PPn'R have been very helpful in finding a more suitable site. Things look bright for the future of CX in Phila.