I like going to the art gallery,  it makes me feel better.

I've got a bit of idle time on my hands, not busy working this week.  I made some modifications to some old lens this morning.

 Made another free float, tilting and shift len.  The gasket, it's a 29er inner tube.  I need to stay busy.

At the Phila. Museum, I was allowed to take as many photos as I wanted, I'd ask politely at each gallery, before hand, pleasantly.  "Shoot away".

by chance I came across photos by, Van der Zee, Alice Austin, unexpected nice surprises. 

It is the details, the little things, can mean the most.  Not that the world would not get along just fine despite the flaws.   Just that when things work, all together,  that is my heaven.

a nice painting by Peale.  I did not notice the detail until I looked through the camera and saw it magnified.

It seems that many lights, and other utility objects,  they are ugly.  Behind the museum, a beautiful hill side of rocks, flower garden, long paths.   Ugly modern light post.

I have an issue with the lighting used in the galleries.  The color temperature, the source type and its directionalisim.

Tomorrow is my 51st birthday.   Special?  Yes, I hope to work my ass off.   To cut back invasive brush.   Hack away weeds into a path.   For making a cx practice course at Belmont. 
Time for me is best spent productive and challenged.  

The view from the second floor windows, down into philly,  a view worth taking in, charming.

Next visit, to look at art,  I'm going to carry with me a magnifying glass.
My eyes they aren't as good.   I'd like to take a look into, the finer details.

I ate lunch on the back steps of the museum, in the shade.  I tested out my lens.  

My lunch, stilton cheese, green onions, mustard and greens, crusty bread.   Local brewed coffee stout.   A cloth napkin.  A glass, pint glass.  83% coca bar, cloth napkin.

When I ride my Get Around bike,  I wear trousers and a button shirt.  I want to make the point. 
To look like a man.

I don't think there is anyone out there, that gets, Nude Descending a Staircase, more than me.

Oh so how much I love Duchamp.   and Frieda.  what I'd give to have you sit on my knee, to raise a shot glass with you.

“I feel shame, not for the wrong things I have done, but for the right things that I have failed to do.” mr. m. Duchamp.

f" Diego.

Tonight, for the spirit.  d.

photos in a line about the eating area in the cafeteria. William Wegman.   Funny no one was looking at these photos, maybe the art only hangs in galleries.   These were just decoration.

My nice lunch spot.

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