TCB - I got a feelin' in my body

Elvis - "I Got A Feelin' In My Body"

yesterday, stopped by Tired Hands Brewery and picked hops off of vines, then went to a meeting and things are looking good for CX in Phila.  Cheers to the peeps that made it happen!
dinner out, a stroll about the historic sites of phila.
and today,  out on the cx bike, the Cannondale SuperX.  My first ride where I pushed it hard.
Its a good bike, real nice.   I am quite happy with it.  Its going to be a great bike to race.

I leave the house, and just go somewhere.  some road, some legit trails, paths.  some (respectful)trespassing.
CX'n at its best.

tall socks, I wear them because some of the places I ride are a bit overgrown.  Lots of spider webs today.   Found a hitch hiker spider on me when I got home, she lives out in our bushes now.

Cheers dudes.

my wife, Ljiljana


really been listening to the Elvis At Stax a lot, think I have to get the complete recordings.

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