To be a champion.  
to take a cause,  a music, a sport
and rise above all other humans,
in moving its spirit forward

photo: m.a. DiLauro

Its taken me a bit to see, that to stand on a podium.
a true champion
what is

Giuseppe Verdi - "La Traviata Preludes to Act 1 and Act 3"

My mom and stepfather visited from Beaver, PA.
Stayed a couple of nights.
I love them bunches,
and am inspired, by them.
My mom, this is the 3rd year she has gone to Romania to spend time with kids,  bringing them a hope, a bit of love, that in this world despite its humongous size, that the simple time of sitting down,
spending some time with another,  means something.  My stepfather, here in Phila. to learn a new editing system, Final cut #10.

What I do, working in film/video/photo production, my work, career.  It is because he taught me, brought me onto jobs, showed me the ropes a bit.  showed a bunch of patience.

I miss my old droid camera/phone,  the iphone's is not so good.   Photo: Ljiljana Cado

my nightmares, faults of guilt, whatever I grasp at to make myself feel better, full of enough of humanness.
That still I want to be fair.  concede a bit to others,

We sat in the living room, and after a short chat, we were in a car driving over to see Giuseppe.
Verdi.   His bust.   On the Water Ice ride, I noted to myself that he has lost a bit of luster, his statue.
Michael, my stepfather, is a proud Italian, he took some photos.  One to be sent to the sculpture G. Nista.   and I suspect onward to the Italian American Club of Phila.

                                g. Nista - "Victory"

Tonight, its cool, the bugs are singing loud and beautiful.  I will sleep well.

Cheers to the Champions of life, love, family, spirit, respect,  To those on the top step of the podium.


I love conflict, plight, balance,  from todays ride:

Listener - "Falling in Love With Glaciers"


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