Its just that cross is starting soon. 
Perfect weather today, the windows are open, stereolab, Nina Simone,  all the good music is up in the mix.
I had a very pleasant ride today.
This day, its a day for reward, for racing in 39 degrees mud.   For flatting and running the longest distance possible to the pits for a new bike.  For training intervals.  For coming in 39th.

I am just waiting for a pot of water to boil, to cook some pasta.
all the doors are open.  And as the wind, blows through the house, the gas flame burner on the stove, gets to much of a breeze and almost blows out but not.

I am waiting for my wife to come home from work.  
A late afternoon ride for me, a shower, I smell good.

Hell, I love these days.  I love them.
The tree we planted 10 years ago, its full of leaves.

I never fixed the hole where the squirrel got into the house.

paying tributes to the gods, to me,  I am one tonight.


Joseph Brescia said...

Where and when do people meet up in Philly for Cross practice and trail riding? I'm new to the sport and would love to get some observations in. Thanks! Great blog!

d.lowe said...

no official cross practice site as of yet. Working with Phila. parks for a place to ride. The fire roads of Belmont and Wissahickons are a good place to start. to keep up to date, check out the PHLCX group page on Facebook, if you need an invite ask, David Lowe.