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Last night I went out on assignment,  to take a photo for SSCXWC'13 PHILLY.
I have a few ideas. 
Yesterday was the end of two days of shooting interviews down in DE.  my car was full of equipment, so I thought I'd get some night shooting in.

Midnight - "Rip this Hell"
from the greatest Cleveland Ohio
 band Boulder, Midnight now rocks us on.
ok, this is just a fact jack,  Belmont is not the safest place to be at night, its an urban park, so you don't leave things, anything in your car, cause there is a white pickup truck that hoovers about the park for years, and does the quickest, sneakiest, smash and dashes.
 I got set up at dusk, at the Pinch Point, a little dirt mound that's the in and out connector.
Just letting, its getting nice and dark out.
A white pick up slows to a stop, the dude is a bit to friendly, leaning out the window, jabbering at me, about something, in a caring need some advice voice. 
I sat on a full apple behind my camera, looking at the dude,  looking at my club, a big tree branch at my feet and looking at the dude.    Not much I wanted to say, "I'm good here".
That's it.  and stared at his jawing, and ignored it with my stare, and after the next break of words, too, staring at him.

He only sat for a few seconds.   and skittered off.

I wondered what would of happened if it came down to me and the club vs. the interloper?

The day yesterday was long and good.    I got up before work and rode the Mann for a nice CX workout,  stopped by the bush and got a blessing.  work and then, shooting. 

round one of steadfast,   the couple of sweaty work crew hours of cutting in course has been mowed and needs to be redone.  OK.   not failure, but onward, new solutions.   the work was fun, so it will be fun again.

                               photo: KJ. Fetsurka    Current conditions.
                                and before w/workgang.  photo: S.Kincaid

Bill Callahn - "Drover"

some of the sites,  I stare and think, Better done than a Duchamp.

to obstacles, objectives, and cold beers.   Best Regards, dlowe.

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