guided by vices

Guided by Voices - "wrecking now" 
The door to my hotel room needed some English to open.   It was a bit difficult, and easy, I just had to pull a it towards me, and insert the key, and it opened.     Just the right amount of enough tension,  not too much.   I went "home" for the weekend.  I made visits to my family, friends, more family. 3 cities, 5 stops.  I grew up in Columbus ohio,   I left Ohio, after college, 1986 I moved to Philadelphia,  its the place I feel most at home.


 I don't talk to or see my dad often, 

back in '82  w/Fernando and Rodrigo, riding in a Volkswagen bug, we took this gravel corner to hot and bent the post to its side. (well it was a fence post around here).

I lived in a rented house on farm land with a bunch of cows.

The house stood here.

and this jungle gym, I was surprised that its still here, so its from the '70s.
It'd be great if I understood the feelings, or had answers for questions, even if I could just make up something that sounded like a good story of a visit. 

In the end, its was a good trip, I took a lot in, and, it was about time, that I went back.

Cheers, dlowe

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