pretzel and coke

this headstone is almost worn bear, and despite how popular and important the man was, now his bones lay in the ground beneath a weathered beaten gravestone, that is almost impossible to read.

Yesterday I visited the gravesite, of Richard Harding Davis.   came across his name in my reading journeys, he was born in Phila. and his bones are in the ground in Roxborough.    I don't know much about him, he was dashing journalist adventure taker, early 1900's.   He sounded interesting enough to me that I got one of his books now in the queue pile.

I did not know where his grave was, in the graveyard, that is off of Ridge Ave., behind Bob's diner.
The graveyard is a bit overgrown.  I did find a picture of the gravestone on the internet, and was able to take enough clues from the pic to easily track it down.

While I was trying to look at the pic, walking the graveyard path, squinting, I dropped the phone, as I have many of times, I picked it up, acid trip screen, boo, my 5 year old droid phone is dead.

My wife has been on me for years to get an iphone, mainly so I can figure it out and then teach her the tricks.

I'm anti apple, but caved in and got the phone.

1st picture on the phone, Pretzels and coke, in Phoenixville.
mmphuff,  it does take a nice photo

My goal, on todays ride, was a pretzel and a cold coke.

It was a long flat ride today.  Felt good in the heat. I did not think much while riding, mostly listened to music.  I did for a brief period veer away from the blankness, I thought a bit about the Drives ride last night.  Not for long,  I then went back to the thoughts of the pretzels and coke.   Reached Phoenixville, ate on a stoop outside the pretzel shop, chatted a bit with a local about bike racing.  and road back home. 

Cheers, d.

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