secret passages, they do exist.   I guess I've been riding long enough, and that I am curious enough, that I've have discovered a few.   Most are right there, close to the popular trails, but hidden, not groomed, not the same flow, or maybe, not socially excitable as others.

the base of "horse legs" climb

jump the rail off the highway ramp

today it was mild, toward the chilly side, 60's maybe rain, maybe light drizzle.   I worked on my pit cx bike and got it in good order, and knew I wanted to go ride the trails, that are special to me, I feel that I own, discovered.  I know that is far from the truth, but these are not Wissahickon, or Belmont.   These are quite trails, made, in my opinion, to meet all the needs, to suit me,  of a good cross ride.

It was one of the beautiful days in the woods, very green but not overgrown, misty, and enough precipitation to pelt the leaves with a light percussion,  smell, sight, sound, maybe a little taste of splattered mud a rare once in a while.   I was damp, but not wet, my body kept the soggy kit warm.

every now and then I'll take someone with me, but that's rare.   It is more enjoyable to ride these trails alone.

I came across a young man at the base to the climb "boys to men" and he was asking trail questions.  I have to say, that I was not rude, but I felt no need to divulge much of what I knew of all the trails back here.   maybe sometime at work, I learned that someone can tell you how or why to do something, but you don't learn it till you discover it yourself anyways.   Like giving someone a map, the roads, creeks, topo, its there, but not the journey, not the why, and how, it ends taking you, that it needs to take you,  the way along the way that you find it.

as much as I love riding these trails, I loved discovering them, and its the place where I ride, where I stop often, and am in awe, so overwhelmed by the landscape, that I feel empty.  No worries, needs.

"Gladwyne  was settled in 1682 by Welsh Quakers. It was near the Welsh Tract, and was known formerly as "Merion Square". It was given its new name in 1891 in order to imitate the stylish Welsh names of adjoining towns, although the name is meaningless in Welsh."
a meaningless name, for sure, a perfect place for me to ride.
Cheers, d.

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