I went out for an easy ride.  
after giving my stepfathers Mini a jump start to send him on his way on his visit from Beaver, PA.

a man sat in the grass with grape vines in his hands and a nice basket being woven in his legs.
I road past a bit.  I saw a finished work just sitting along the path, and decided to U-turn and chat.

We talked a lot.  He road a scuzzy mtbike from New Orleans to Baltimore, he asked some questions about my bike, and hefted it in the air and was in awe of the lightness.

I thought about pulling out my phone and taking his picture, I couldn't figure it out
if he was a bit off, or.

It is impossible to say...

I've met my wife back in 1984. at OU, Ohio University,  I'd already dropped outta college, and had transferred from The ohio state university to OU.
I only stayed at OU one quarter, before taking another year off.

this morning, she was hopped up on cold medicine, and speeding along a bit fast.

I always wonder how off I have to be to be crazy.
I asked the grape vine weaving man about if he liked pictures of his works, he said no, that, superstition, that life just moves along forward.

Photography has a lot to do with ego for sure.

and crazy, I like to think of it in the romantic way, like Patsy Cline singing to me.

I've always been a bit of off my rocker, its taken me awhile, to accept.  
and I'll never make baskets so clever.

I shook his hand, and almost wanted to give him a hug, like a cousin, blood.
and pedaled my bike on my way, down Main st.

We had a great visit, Michael's visit, my stepfather,  I went to my first ballgame with him, its been since the MLB strike,  to see the Phillies beat the Indians.

for a long time I never felt love, I was a bit numb, don't know why,
so when I shake a hand and feel if its soft, warm, strong,
that goes to my heart.

The diner, The Avenue, in Lansdowne,  has a  small breakfast menu, and Ljiljana gave me a hard time about doing the drive to this funked up part of town, but everything we ate was great.

Cheers, dlowe.

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