Mondays are good days for me.
usually my weekends are grand, riding, eating, drinking,
And when I wake to the alarm, if I have work, on Monday morning, the best.
and this morning, Ljiljana was up 1st, and I could smell and hear the La Colombe.

Mondays I ride over to Narberth, to The Greeks Next Door, a new team sponsor,
good for me for sure,
but I'd be riding over anyway, Mondays are 1/2 price growler fills.
they pick a nice batch of beers, and coming up with two, my 1/2 and my full growlers fills, is not hard at all to find something tasty.

the Director of Photography today, Mr. Gerardo Puglia,  is his soul Italy, old school.
he is warm, sexy, and artistic.  
so we drink too much espresso, that he provides.
While we were shooting an interview, I watched the electric kettle brew.
I smelled the aroma.
Tell me, what is like the aroma of espresso?
and the clones, the wanna be's, the doing it for the $, the ones who have secret lives way more full than mine,   if they walked this hall,  they'd inhaled the aroma.

I raced a bunch this weekend, no results to speak of, to mention.
I took my nap yesterday in the back yard listening to the strong winds blow.
and tonight I drink a tasty barley wine.

I am a king of an very small empire.

home -

cheers to Mondays, d.

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