the oil grease black soot dirt from working on the bike every line of dry skin in my hands
works its way down in even after washing the black  there is a bit deeper off the surface

while in Dallas driving from an interview to the airport in our large Suv we stopped at a light got bashed into not hard but good at the stop light by a pu truck,
a thin tube man landscaper nice enough bloke with bad tattoos somehow did not realize to come to a stop
we all rolled into the gas mart and a very nice cop took care of the paper work
we stood in the sun and someone got funyuns
I ate one

while in San Fran
between breakfast and checking out I walked to the adjacent
drug store to get gum
on exiting a man was on the ground leaned on the post at the corner outside the door
I stood a few feet away enjoying the people the street
his sign said "fuck you, man"
cool to me
he was done with a bag of Funyuns and putting the package into his traveling bag
"dude can I have a piece of gum"
I pop it out of the blister pac
and put it into his open palm
his skin was not the color of skin but of the earth city earth grime
his nails longer with black lines of dirt just lining the nails edges

"Funyuns sure give you bad breath, thanks"

sunday I raced  crits doing 60miles of circles.  two  races. 
10th in the 45+
I just sat up in the 1,2,3.   no legs heart or head to mix it up all I could see in the future was badness
it ended fine no one did anything stupid

I wish I could live many lives simultaneously
I'd love to be back out on the road working
somewhere racing
laying on the couch with a cat on me watching something on the tv or reading
or out to a dinner with Ljiljana

I pedaled my pedaler over to Narberth
to get catnip plants
Marsala wine
and beer for me

so it goes that we all are a bit relaxed here

life is grand, dlowe

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