easy week, easy nights

I hit up Cadence today,
to order two CX bikes, 
around this time of year I start getting it together.
I've been off the cross bike mostly.  mostly road miles
today, I went out on the old cx bike, and limped it along, mostly rolling pretty good,
a couple of skips in the shifting, but still running well enough to get 30miles in.

I'll keep one of old frames, and make it into a single speed, I'm afraid, the other,  It will be sold and move on.

It is unusual that I'm sentimental about a bike,  or the equipment.  
I was never in a deep love with these two.
I got a lot of use outta them, and trips, trails and loops I found around my house.
tons of racing.  Riding with friends, cross practices.  ordering the new bikes sort of makes me, gracious to the past,
They, the bikes, stand there in my memories, as some of my friends also.

It was a nice night yesterday, I grabbed a book, a bottle, and my camera.   took the Free Spirit over to Belmont Plateau, and sat at a table.   
pasted the time, and road home after dark.

Jefferson's wading in Bourbon.

cheers, dlowe.

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