I guess in my case I'm looking into the simpler pleasures
I'm looking for my drive, in photography,  I understand the tech,  what's to learn there
I feel I have a grasp on that.  But what I lack, that drive, the need to shoot a picture, to tell a story.
Maybe that's a flaw in me, something I lack, but I don't want to shoot editorially,
I want to shoot, Themed, shots that go together, that open and expose, a number of prints, that stand together.
I don't know where to look for it, but that does not stop me from moving forward
and if I never discover it, oh well, maybe its the journey for me, that's what I get

and Beer?   I never thought years ago, that it would be more than Bud, Bush, Stroh's,  I never thought that so many people would be brewing, so many good beers,.... and beer is cheap. 
and I am enjoying so many,  different, convenient,  and for me its hard to deny myself of this pleasure.  and Why should I?

bike riding, some think its hard work, slogging up a hill,  a slow  brutal challenge.
or putting on layers,  heading out the door into 29 degrees, to ride for 3hrs.
hanging on for dear life, in a break, and you know your pull is next, and that you still have 12 laps to go.

That's not suffering, its a blessing, to find something that you'll give your soul to.

Cheers, dlowe

sometimes I don't put much effort into this, anymore than just writing.
I ride my own line, and write the same way.

Yann Tiersen:  "Fuck me"

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