the Philadelphia bike race, the party up on Lemon Hill, or over in East Falls,  along the course up the wall, its one of my favorite days.  Its one of the best days in Philly.   I go, to watch a good race, and this years was quite a dandy, with the change to the course, tactics were altered, and getting to the Wall for the finale climb, was now the priority, not winning the sprint down the Parkway.    

but,  the race, sure it is the event, but the picnics, the socializing, the families, kids, dogs, its just laid back,  a giant pot luck cook out, for all of the city,  Hosted by us, the proud and numerous bike riders of the Philadelphia area.

the hill side is full of smiles, music, not a harsh word, just good vibe.  It would be a shame not to have this race, and I'm not sure what went on to Keep it,   but I think the man, and we often just curse and slander politicians, this act of Congressman Robert Brady,   it brought a lot of joy to a lot of citizens, and a lot of $$$ spent in the city.    It just makes Philadelphia a better place to live.

Thanks to all that brought back the race, and the sponsors that helped fund the race.  
I had a great day seeing so many friends, and enjoying the view from Lemon Hill.
Its always sunny on bike race weekend!

cheers, dlowe.

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