This morning I tried to explain to my wife, about my ride home from the river/ballet show.

There is something about suffering.   Something I seek out.  Mine is simple.  The challenges I take on, are safe, short, simple.

Saturday:  at the Brandywine River Museum, one of my hero's Rockwell Kent's, a few of his paintings are being shown.  Its rare to see his work.   but I thank Jamie Wyeth, his ego, and talent to be part of a showing, of just him and Rockwell's work.

It was the first day of the show, and I took advantage of having the day open and went.  Jamie sat at a table, I got a ticket and stood in a long line of locals, waiting as if to get their holiday glazed ham, from the Co.  for a glimpse and autograph.

I am not into meeting peeps,  Thursday and Friday,  my wife and I worked on Sunny in Phila.  good gig.   but at one point she came up to me and pointed out Gary from Howard Stern,  she wanted to meet him,  I think we both respect, and anyway, we shy away from such actions.

Friday, the scene, for Sunny, shot on the beautiful Strawberry Mansion bridge.
Sunday I sat in a parking lot watching the couple hang from the bridge and dance in the air.


The sun set,,...the dancers were to far to take in the turmoil, muscle, the art,...

I took the long way home.
Passed on Main st, by a bloke, riding a very practical bike, and high paced, he sped by, by chance we ended up going the same way.   When we hit the Cynwyd trail, I closed the gap, and passed him by.
He stayed steady on my heals and I rode off the front of his light, just enough so I cast a shadow on the ground.   I kept at it, and so did he.   at the trail head exit I waited, sweating, hiding my panting.
"nice pace" he said,  "nice chase" I replied.  We both smiled, and pedal off in different directions.

If you get a chance swing by the Art show, read up a bit on Rockwell Kent, his life, it motivates me.
His work,  he tries, in my view,  to capture the moment, of peace, feelings of gravity, ...

I stared at this work for awhile, it seems to me that inside that figure of a women, that if you stare at it, you see, a man, Rockwell. 

a good weekend, cheers, dl

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