ones Moments

It used to be the moment.  When we wondered about the instant, that it could not be visualized or captured.  It was a question, "does all four feet of a horse leave the ground as it runs?"
Eadweard Muybridge

Now to me, its the movement, how events, feelings, the senses remember across time.  That now makes the moment in my mind.

My memories of yesterday,  waking early, looking up and I'm in my bed, what day of the week is it, do I work today, the alarm? 

at lunch with my with wife, Ljijljana, in a glass greenhouse room, full of women, and it felt like being in a magazine, propped and stylized.  I kept looking at a women at a table off to my left across the room, 50's colored lips, low cut blouse, deep leather cleavage, silk scarf around the head, fit with a layer of aged fat, our eyes caught every once in a while.  

its  not one image, yesterday I rode my Free Spirit down to see a piano recital, Nils Frahm. 
Early, I walked the block to the site where the building collapsed, full of firefighters, police, news men/women, and lots of bystanders.  A lot, documenting, capturing this one event, 1000s of photos taken I suppose.  A producer snapped at the camera op, as two rescue workers carried a body board into the wreckage.  The op was looking down into his phone, jerked the tripod over a foot and hit the button and rolled away.

The show, was not so good, the music, like Jerry Lee Lewis mixed with Tangerine Dream.  Physically played,  little depth.

The audience the most respectfully quite, sitting still in the dark.

The ride home, in a perfect night, a group of 8 motorcycles road by, racing by, as I rounded the corner a few minutes later I saw a couple of dudes directing traffic, the bike on its side and a bit of branches, dirt, scraps in the road.  A man on his hands and knees, helmet off, in riding gear, head bent like god had his foot on his neck.  Pained.

As I pedaled I reached back into the bike basket on the left, fiddled out a tallboy, cracked it and drank,    ride on.

I see Rapha trying to capture that still moment that shows it, the style of person that wears there brand, the roads they ride, why they ride.

I guess photography is falling flat for me, that the images mostly don't mean anything to me, What's a still of life of all the infinite moments matter,   ...just a bunch of chatter.

soon, we all will be able to take pictures or shoot videos in the dark, by the light of a candle, the moon, the dark will no longer be blinding, because technology,,,,, could not see into it.

Is there a way to take a picture that transcends the moment, giving life back into the movement of life, that propels the mind to think of the future, the past, instigating imagination,?  I doubt it, that technology does not exists yet.


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