I came up just a bit short yesterday. 

Photo Credit: Bob Wellmon

I'm not much anymore for race reports, but sent one via the team:
"Rivertown is a classic Crit,  great town support, well run event.   Its one of the races that’s hard from the start to finish.   Masters 45+,  I finished 21st.      Again, another masters race full  of tactics.      The short 21st place story,… I missed the 4 man winning break,   the pace let up the last few laps as everybody was finding position in the pack for the lead outs.   I attacked with 3 to go, got a great gap, 10+ seconds up and was moving away,  Patrick Gellineau bridge up to me, I had a feeling that this was going to work, I was maxed and look to Patrick to do a pull, he had nothing, back to work.   It was exciting coming down the start finish line,  hearing bunches of people cheering us on.  The last lap, teams lined it up a bit for the sprint and were closing down on us, we got caught on the 2nd to last corner, and that was it, sat on the end of the field with the spit outs.    Great day, an almost, if Patrick had a bit more, we might of made it.      Oh well, at least tonight is half price growler fill at the Greeks Next Door.  Cheers, d."
I thought about what  I wrote while I road today, especially the part about Patrick doing a bit more.   You know, If I am going to attack and go,  I better be ready to do it alone,  I have no one to blame except myself  for not making it to the line before the field caught me.
sometimes I carry the bike and sometimes it carries me.
Today I got out in the rain on the cx.  just noodled about,  close to home, a bit of short new trail, a good view, stood by the river and watch the rain Swollen* current carry big things along. 

close to home, but cool, no one around, nice side effect of rain.
My wife's favorite  tree, twisted, open, growing up towards the sun, or rain.
something about putting your shoulder through the frame, hefting it upon yourself, carrying it cause this part of the journey is unrideable.  I love you bike, and whatever it takes to get us where we need to go I'll do.
Cheers, d.

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