Bees Knees


the child of Luv - "give it to the people" 

riding the cross bike is about having Bees Knees,  I ride out the front door and put together all the cool bits, the trails, paths, back alleys. 
Today tinkered with the new bike, first ride,  hit up the Water Ice CX loop.
I remember, when I got the idea, to go up the cobbles, and around the abandoned reservoir.
To stop at the water fountain at the Rec center, fill up, and hit the meadow trail down to Forbidden dr.
The bluff above Kelly drive, it was always sitting up there, we just didn't know each other.
a tricky climb the back hill to the art museum,  sometimes I yell YO ROCKY!  at the tourist getting pics with Mr. Balboa. 

I love sitting behind the Water Ice stand, feet up, dumpy place, perfect place to end and start.

nothing like a new bike, a bit of mud,  and a new season of racing quickly coming the way.

Cheers, dlowe.

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