a nice day

today was a good day, a day I'd feel satisfied dying after. not that I don't look forward to waking up tomorrow.  just that, it was a simple day, ... I saw a friend win a race,  and saw friends I don't see often ... I rode my new beater, that was my training today,.... I got a bit done around the house and I got a bit done for the party on Lemon Hill tomorrow,... and then,  a trip to the opening of Tired Hands.  A little brew place.  With Ljiljana, my wife.  an early beer,bread, just some simple plates.  Nice.
I guess that's all I need, and maybe, that's a lot, Nice.  I can appreciate the hard work, of others, and I can toil, and know, that my hard work, means something to me

tomorrow, I'll strive to do better, to beat my demons.

I hope to look back on a day like today, and I'll,...  I'll see how far I fell short of nice,...

I'm almost 50, and feel like I'm 12.   I've so much to learn.  ...but this naivety, its a bit of bliss, knowledge its a bit dangerous,  like it should be....

cheers, and beat who ever you need to beat.  dlowe.

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Fatmarc Vanderbacon said...

great to see you today!