Gratis versus Libre

George's Hill, the plot of land that the Welshman bought a bit ago, donated to the city, "the best view".     This bench, this plot has treated me well.   It over looks the Mann Music Center. 

It is best reached by bike, and for the most part you are left alone to behave to you own accord.   I tried to keep my behavior reasonable.   I failed a bit... we all brought drinks, and talked, listen to the wind carry the music of Norah Jones up over the fence, to us,  gratis.

Last night I did the crit in Wayne, short course, I got off the front for a few laps, nice to hear "go dlowe" again.  Nice to be going fast, to suffer,.....  nothing in the sprint but finished 11th of the 18th that held onto to the end.

the faint figure in the right of the photo, Meisha, up and enjoying the music, freedom,,,.... to ride.

cheers, d.

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