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hmmm, it might seem sorta strange, but today was the first day I rode a bike to the bank, and then shopping for fresh produce.    All the time I spend pedaling, none of it was done for my day to day living.   It took me a while, but I got the beater going.   maybe the trip today took 20 minutes total.   Most of the places I need to go are within 2 miles of my house.   I can't tell you how good I feel, not driving my car, I just need to push myself a bit more, to keep it up now.

Marc V. put up some good thinking,  I agree with,....
"The people who actually produce things do so primarily for two reasons: (1) they have strong work ethic. In other words they have come to believe that rewards only come with hard work and (2) they enjoy producing. It is exciting for them and the reward for producing is not only the things they are able to accomplish as a result of it but the personal growth and sense of worth that come from producing it: this is true self-esteem."

I like the journey, the act, and I've come to care less about getting somewhere, or achieving something. I don't care if it goes up hill, cold, night, new, strange, the same ,... maybe I should be a mailman?

...ah for me sometimes I don't now why I need to go do something, I'm full of it, energy, a bit hard to contain it sometimes.   so I just do it, and see what happens.

In my mind I'm trying to do less, damage, less impact, be a positive life form.  Its hard, most of what I do, damages the planet, other life here.  OK, I'm not too caught up on it. ... but like,  If I can add riding a bike to go to the bank, for my close errands, to my life, that's a good step....      other things for me, my list: rain water barrels on our downspouts, less use of plastics, more locally produced products...  I'm a HIPPIE!  what the fuck? 

Cheers, d.

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