the Man who wasn't there

funny, today I got done with all my shit to do early, and was laying on the couch and thought "Cohen Bros."  then... The Man Who Wasn't There.

I felt great, the start, center of the line, and holding the second wheel.   Five laps of good, and then, nothing.  I rode with Erik mitchell abit, till we got pulled, quick.   Such a difference than yestedrday.

the pain, mentally, not so bad tonight, I didn't feel I had too much, when I was laying on the couch watching billy bob.
I don't know why that movie popped into my head today, but it hit the spot, A flick that means something to me.

Seconds are lifetimes, when you are suffen'.
but to other, you just passing by, blllllurrrr.

Me I need to heed the call, It keeps me steady.
and I don't know how someone can win so much, even at this level... let alone how someone can win so much at the top level.
This fall, I look forward to cross.

 John Doe.

from "the Keeper"  - "don't forget how much I love you"

cheers, d.

a clip from the Man who wasn't there if you'd care

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