Saturday Afternoon. 
Tired Hands, for a beer.   Its a nice quiet night here,  I like when summer hits my neighborhood, it gets quiet, I'm not sure where the people go, but they take the kids and sikddadle. 
4hr mtbike ride.  

I wish I wrote better, and wrote more.  I have plenty of thoughts and ideas, but not the skills to link them together to take you somewhere.

Sunday Night.
my friends, I find they are all flawed, that's good, they know it, and I think they know I can see it.
and I know they see mine.   I don't want to hide it.


working at a cancer center, surprisingly the day was full of good spirits and laughter.  Just a few tears.
The doctor was the subject, the story, he works, trying to make kids with cancer well.

I really like this photo.

at the doctors house, end of the day, equipment wrapped.  sipping a tacate in his driveway, he pulls out a segway, I hop on and give it a go.  A hug. and I'm on my way.

Thursday, in a basement, pre-lighting.

Friday Day, interviews.
Friday Night.
Red Fang.
Next to the stage.

The Sword, I love the fang, but the Sword, a better set of songs.

I like the details, I'm a good watcher, and the story, its not in the standard pictures, nope, we all know, that the truer story, the underlining truth, its in the details, the little things.


well I'm still up, just want to add a bit more.  Anthony Skorochod came out to the ann rock 50th birthday ride.  I knew the Wiss. was going to be too much for him and his bike, a cross bike.  I did not say anything when we rolled off to the first climb. He'd figure it out, seems like he's got an interesting good noggin on his body.   Here's a pic from Mr. Skorochod. 
gotta go to bed, thanks for skimming along with me.  Happy Birthday Ann Rock, you inspire me.

Cheers!  dlowe

  Charles bukowski had a quote somewhere, that I can never find again, but he said something like, "its better to tell a good story, than a totally true one".  I think we get that essence,....and perspective is always skewered.   

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