10 gallon Hat

today I raced a crit. Riverton.

I lost my full bottle, I think, maybe on the fourth or fifth lap, of 35.

The race was hot, fast, hard.

I'm glad that I like some of the old school training, you know train in the rain race in the rain thinking.

once in a while I'll do a bonker ride, take one bottle out with me,  knowing that I'm just going to end up a little crossed-eyed. bonked

so many times today I thought about how to pull up, to quit, the race, I could not think of an excuse... so I would attack.    Some of that bonker training experience came back to me, the training paid off, and I made it to the end.  15th.  With that I'm am quite happy.

During the race I was put into the gutter,  if you look close you can see the rubber I left on the road appling some breaks to survive.    Coming out of turn 2, I was on the high side, and a ********** team rider,   who  rode his bike like he was pushing a wheel barrow full of bricks, could not hold his line.   CycloCross is good training and gives you some skills in bumping and holdng line, and I had to do a lot of rubbing here, I leaned hard into him, I tried to look at the hole of a path along the curb,  not the curb and pain.     "Fucker" I yelled at his face, he keep his grimce and kept rolling along pushing his wheel barrel of bricks.

somewhere in all these laps I though of pulling on a large cowboy hat, it'd be full of cold water, I'd ride a bit, with it on my head, then take a good slug of it,  Glug, Glug, Glug, and pedal on.

good night. d.

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