its been a long, a long time, since I hopped on a bike, and just rolled,... going hard when I wanted, fast, coasting, wheelies, flipping stray sticks with my rear tire.

a new team, its set me way better, good people, good for my mind, new friends, .... and that old anger, and wars, the battles i lost, fading, gone.

I kept holding back, no need to drive it all hard, I'd drop it down a ring.  

I was coming down to the creek crossing, a bit tricky for me, 50% of the time I hop off, thinking to much of the risk, and walk it.  Today a dad and some kids were splashing up stream a bit.  I dropped in, cleaning it smooth, and all the riding and crashing, freezing toes, broken helmets, sleepless nights of feeling slow and beaten.  I rode it like a champ, they took it in, and gave me big grins, and some whooppss,... and I was on my way.

felt good today.

cheers, d.

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