a visit past

In a way, I really miss the punk rock days, the music days of my past.  I try not to live in the past, and for the most part the present, its better, an improvement for me.

Ceremony - "Hysteria"
and this is a bit of a new feeling for me, so I have not mulled it about, yet, or thought about it much,  but was music more special to me, the performance, soul, rights, statements, than it seemed to todays audience.

Ceremony - "open head"

I went to see Ceremony.
I have not been to a show like this in a while, packed small places,......  in Phila. at a dirty bar, and then up to Wilkes Barre, some empty store in a desolate short strip of shops.  Its the way to see music, press tight, close to the band, you are a part of it.

Ceremony - "adult"
I went on a whim, the second night, following the band Ceremony, up to Wilkes Barre.PA  My parents use to live up there, I have not been up in a long time, felt like making a return visit. I got a cheap hotel, my room over-looked the Public Square Park, in downtown Wilkes Barre.

Ceremony - "Hotel"

I checked into my room, and cracked open the dented mini fridge to see how cold it was. to dump some beers I had down in the car to chill, so I'd have something to sip after the show.  I was surprised to hear two bottles rattle against each other as the door swoong open.  Ice cold, ...and into my hand.  A nice welcome.

Arcaro & Genell's
Hit up a place in Old Forge, that I went with my parents, still a cool place,
might always be.
some cool shit around town still.
 hanging out before the show, hand stamped, having a tacate at the back of my car.
lots of kids, getting into it, but how deep is it for 'em?
I guess acting on an impulse, to go, was good, good for me,
cheers!  fuckers  d.

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