I awoke to the hot summer day, lazed a bit, cleaned up some, and rode the bike down to the Phila. art museum.    Somewhat hot, but most of the ride was in shade, still stepping inside the airconditioned musuem was a crisp greeting.

a new show is up Visions of Arcadia - brief overview....  "In France during the early 1900s, this idea of a mystical place of contentment and harmony was especially potent--illustrated in mural-sized paintings which were often commissioned for public viewing"   "This exhibition, which is only being shown in Philadelphia, includes masterpieces by artists such as Albert Gleizes, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Pablo Picasso, and Paul Signac that emphasize the French tradition of grand public paintings. Works by Nicolas Poussin and others establish the prevalence of the Arcadian theme"

just down the road, into center city is a grand fountain.   Each tree surronding the fountain, each spot of shade was taken,  by homeless, families, couples, tourist.    The wind always is blowing strong, so a good cool mist is in the air.

I took a number of photos of this couple, really I just wanted a magical shot of the women by herself, transparent wet dress, wind, coolnes.  Did'nt capture it.

I love photography, and its strange to have a vision in mind, but not somehow be able to put whats in the brain, into the technology to capture it.

I wondered around the musuem for a bit, taking some pictures, thinking, trying to pick something up, a trick or two,... the skill to give language to an image, to tell a good picture.  You know what I mean? 

cheers, D.

sat for a bit in the Duchamp room.  I like this room, all the way in the end of the wing, with a nice window, and strange art.

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