I owe a few folks, friends, a bit of a "sorry".
tonight I just wanted to ride my bike.
and the social thing, not in my mind, to be doing,   I tried a bit, but for the most part just rode past.
sometimes I think people are too nice, not that I want rude outta you, but life sometimes feels like we all win a prize.  You know, I don't need that. the all politeness.   and I don't feel like being social all the time.  

and it's not meant to dis-respect you.

If you have never visited Knoebles Amusement Park, you should.   Its way off the beaten path, and pretty much you do what you want.  the rides some old, some new, and the old feel cool, butch, American.

you park for free in a field, walk in, swim, eat what you want, or bring your own.  No booze,... you really don't need it here.    some of the rides lived in other parks and now call this park home, some are just old rides that have always been here.

Its nice to see kids grab onto chains, and pull themselves into a chair and just spin in the air.

on a hill side, still a family run park.

and the grumpy in me, as much as I enjoyed working up at Knoebels the last couple of days, too many people, too much politeness needed to carry equipment past over through around park goers.   So my mind, the way I am, it cooked me.    and tonight, I just wanted to pedal.  I got into the break the last laps, and just hung on, hiding on its tail.  I never took a pull, and when we came up to the line, I made sure I crossed it last.    I was glad just to hang on.

I feel good now, up for some chatting,...

cheers my friends.  david

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