far out fangtooth

out Friday night, went to check out a new venue and some music
sorta another strange place
cool walk down to a basement,
huge rooms
but again the vibe is off
Make it more squallerish, flopped in,
or make it nicer.
@The Underground Arts.
more led lights, hating the led stage lights.

 black dice

Phila. is cool,  and people are out, I sent myself a text, how I feel about this new generation of audience. "The ants are out to eat the sugar".  Well behaved crowds. Consuming.  Good? enough.

and people are doing, trying to do, work hard, for themselves,... I went to a new Woodoven pizza place in Andorra strip mall, (Roxborough).   Good pie, nice place to pop into. No beer.

the art on the walls, real nice...

the pie was good, maybe needed to be cooked a bit longer, needed just a bit more crisp.

prepped for the ride, trying to fill in the blanks

  yesterday went out to get my 100 in on the cx bike.  broke a spoke at mile 56 and headed home on my wobbly wheel.
did stop for a nice cherry pie, been thinking about cherry pies as of late on my rides.

Cheers ants!   dlowe.

a bit of the BlackDice quick done
I have some rough ideas for shooting a music video, ...daft book stuff... how it works in my mind

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