Work - School

it took me a bit,  I don't see work as work, nor should I.   I find pleasure in the act of doing most task, and if not in the act itself, then the results from it.  

I now realize that learning, that going to school, its a life long thing.  I think that the sooner one discovers in life, that you learn for yourself, ...and yes school, it is a rigid learning block of time, that turns many off to learning.  I saw school as a task, to complete.  I did not take advantage of learning as much as I could.  and its taken me quite a bit longer to see how much interesting stuff is out in this world, and how many things I want to learn.

maybe its the Internet, I know there is some place to look for an answer.   Lots of info right here.

a lot of this, for me, has come from riding the bike.   I started late, and failed a lot, still do, but it got my brain working,... it lead to social interactions and meeting a lot of cool people.  it lead me to try and write, to try to think and  express myself.  to taking pictures,... to go the the museum and gaze upon a painting and wonder, how did this come about.   My job, its lots of problem solving, mostly hands on stuff, I really enjoy what I do, even the mundane just physical labor part of it.  I wish the hours where more regular, and the days a bit shorter.  but, I'm doing what I'm doing because I sorta drifted to it, I had no plans for what to do after I "graduated" college.  So I accept my choices.

I am quite spoiled, living at this time, in this place.   My life, compared to the millions, billions others, its pretty soft.

Been working on the yard the last couple of days,...and  had one of those freaking great mountain bike rides yesterday, the trails empty and my legs full of juice.  went out for beers, with a couple of friends.   Gorka, and Meisha. 

photo: a. Gorka
Meisha, chatting at a quiet Earth Bread Brewery.

trying not to toil along in life,....
cheers, d.

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