World Away

I like the part of riding, where I am taken away.   That what I'm doing at the moment, is the moment. Pedaling.

Mainline Cycling's Cycles BiKyle put on a nice crit out in Norristown today.  I was happy to be able to attend.  Raced the 45+ race.

This part of Norristown, its a world away from my home in Bala Cynwyd, and such a different feel than center city Philly.   Quiet family streets in a old park like small time-ishness.   Parking was easy, day of quick, bathrooms, yep easy.  and the course, my kinda course.  Just up and down the blocks with tight turns on each end.

I was calm in the race, and finally finished a semi-respectable 14th. 

Nappy Brown - "I Found It"

sort reminds me of the Jimmy Cliffs "many rivers to cross"   I like music, it takes me, away...

I'm sitting in my office upstairs with the windows open, the neighborhood is quiet, no playing kids or yard machines, listening to some Nappy Brown......   and its off to bed early for me, work tomorrow, early call. 

some pics from the last few jobs, ...behind the scenes,    way different things go on, then the stuff you see, .....that pops up on the tv or movie screen. 

something to write about a bit in the future, ..... enjoy you riding tomorrow. 
Cheers, d.

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