after getting smoked at the race in Lancaster, on the puny airport landing strip, Smoketown, I headed west a bit to hit up a noodle shop.
Called Rice & Noodles.  it was 2:30, the small place was full, and had a dozen people waiting for tables.  

I had my camera and wanted to show a picture of the women cooking, I wanted to snap the instant she set a bowl of steaming noodles onto the counter. Her face lite by the down light, her hand still holding the bowl, as its set ontop of the counter.   It was a nice light, but I felt odd, cold, about pulling out the camera and waiting for that instant to happen.

so I snuck a photo with my phone.

really cute friendly waitress's, great food, cheap. really nice.  a beautiful meal.

My riding, its been going good for fun, but racing,... well my results are not there.   I've changed my mindset a bit.  I might not have the short intense fitness I want, but I do have some.   At smoketown, I used what I had, pushing into the red, my nose in the wind a bit when I could.   Aggressive, again.   I'm tired of hanging in there, I'm going to go hard, and if that makes a poor result in the race placement, so be it.
I have a feeling I'll soon be back in the mix at the end of the race.

seems not to matter to me, what I think and recant back on after the race, on how I placed, what I did, well or poor, I'm know that I am full of fire,

Cheers, dlowe.

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