Warren's Pretzel

I've just finished a Sprecher Octoberfest, tasty.   A bit tired.   I got some good miles in yesterday.   Went out with my good friend, George Klimi, for an early morning, hitting up the hills in Gladwyne.  George does not race, he did in the past.  But as he says it "why does he want to beat people he does not know?"
so we beat on each other, me the dickhead I'm am when it comes to being competitive, had to try and crush him, Why?, for George taking Georges sprint hill from me, our last ride.  George is a way better sport than me, most are, I'm a gloatter.    Then that night I made it out to gv30 to drive the rest of the pep outta my legs.

I'm not good at pre-visualizing,.... I'm looking forward to Bike Race.  Plan to get down to Lemon Hill to help set up the Philadelphia Ciclismo and Revolution Wheelworks tents, have a beer or two snap some pre-race pictures, then hop on my bike and get some Cool shots of the Race.

I think sometimes that I don't see all the work that goes into stuff.   That I just can see the product and oggle it.  Like it just happens, simple.     I like taking photos, and I'm trying to get some good pops, capture it, how it lives in my mind.  So after a hard day of riding, I'll be out on my bike today, riding the course, looking for some places to snap.   I enjoy the search, as much as the find.

Looks a bit like a bike victory salute, the W melded intop of the H.   Its Warren's initials.  On the base of the Pretzel.   I like the Pretzel.  most of the time I like Warren, he rides, races, a bit brash, and a good person. 

the pretzel's been tagged.  Yo "Sysinsl Oyw"  hows it going?

the Pretzel park is where I won a doughnut eating contest put on by Bruce Willis during the filming of the 6th sense.

I stopped by the park today cause I was buying bread and crack rolls from Agiato.

my mind wanders a bit, now and then, I and just try to keep up with it.

if you go to the race....    stop by Lemon Hill, and have a beer.  

Cheers, d.

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