I am being watched. 

sometimes when I fly, sitting in the seat next to the little window.  I look out. At night, lots of little dots of light.         In the day light, I make out waterways, cities, and as the plane descends, cars, building, the empty areas zoom by and the plane frictions skids and rolls to a stop.

there is not much useful information in watching me, or anyone, but I can't help but peer on you.

If I'm on my bike, I'll glance up at the sky, and many times a plane is there in the sky.   "hey peeps, flying in that plane, I'm looking up at you, and wondering whats going through you mind"  I think to myself.

Technology has changed, and now, the cameras, they look like old film cameras, but they shoot incredible images and video in High Definition with very little light.   I really enjoyed working on the two music videos I worked on last week. 

Both of them were for people I really enjoy working for.  I got to shoot, be it on the Canon t3i,.... and I hope there are a few seconds of images I captured that can be used in an artsy way.   and since the cameras don't need so much light, I was not quite so busy and I had time to shoot stills.   In this line of work, the focus, its on  what is in front of the lens.   You stare at the performance or the monitor.

me I look down at the floor. early on in my career I learned to not look at the set, at the actors acting, they have a tendency to catch you in the eye, and it distracts them.

my story is a bit funny, I was working on a  feature, my first, 2000,...  Fallen.  It was a night scene.  The crew we work long hours, with short turn around, like 12-16 hrs on then report back 10hrs later.   Day after day.   so I was beat and they were shooting the night scene, I found a seat,... on the dolly left on the track from an old set-up.  Not lit, I sat, In the dark, with the light from the set just giving me a glint of a glow.   I spun around to look at the set, to peer in on the shooting.

Donald Sutherland is a bees line in front of me, a bit of a distance, maybe 20 yards, doing the acting.  His eye lock on mine, shit I'm done, he's a bad ass.  He didn't kill me, sorta a smallish wave, that's it.  From then on, my eyes just look at the floor, or I'll turn my back to the set.

I could not find a still from that scene, its the one coming where they are coming out of the prison, but I got this one, taken from out in the pine barrens.  

... so where does that leave me?  I like taking pictures on the set.  Everybodies attention is to the scene being shot, staring at the actors,  and most, need to want to be looked at anyway, they envy those in the focus, in front of the lens.

I had a good time today racing a crit.   Felt good, weak finish, I didn't place high, but rode well. I'm there.

cheers, d.

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