the other night I cooked brussel sprouts. Roasted beets.  Made beet greens.  Pasta.
pried a few caps off the bottles and could not help but take photos too.

I wanted to race this weekend, in the chill, and the rain,... I like.  Its not hard, its not like Beacon, where I had cubes of Ice for feet by the time I was done, having fun racing cross.

I've spent my time with this contraption.   Pushing it back and forth. Making it go up and down.
I like the dolly, and it really beats the new small track thing-a-ma-jigs that peeps are shooting with.  No stutter, and non-smooth pans, just butter.
good.   some good times in at the Wissahickon, a lap and a half.  I wannad to move fast,... and did.

 I really miss Georgia Gould writing about cooking on her blog.
Not that I'm a cook,... and sure as not quite as fast as her, or... even tempered,...  I feel shabby compared to Georgia.
but she's made me want to cook.

and my mind, it is jumbled.   so just one more image. from my bed on the floor at the Raw Talent Ranch in WVa.  "The Horse".  so be the proud horse.

cheers, d.

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