a bit off the last couple of days, and was dropped early on in the Navy yard crit.   I had choices, mtb relay, long dirt road ride, crit.   Should of stayed in bed, but I thought once the whistle blew I'd get going.  Well the whistle went to the officials lips, she did not blow, we rolled forward and stopped, back pedaled into place and had to wait again, she slowly lifted it to her lips, pursed and blew. 

that was the highlight.

The navy yard is still full of old buildings, most are being redone, or torn down.   Small landscaping trees dot the grass strips between the sidewalks and pavement.  

not really interesting anymore, the inbetween stage of stripped and rebuild.
the boats docked there look more like a lot full of old U-hauls.
Might be full of interesting good stories, but,.... more just beat and used up.

some of the racing.

got a new lens a Manual focus 85mm 1.4 ( that's a 125mm on my crop sensor).

found that it was not to hard to get a photo, and with some practice, without auto focus,  I should be able to pop off some good shots during cross.

the 1,2,3 men's race.  started out in a strung out line, and soon the bits and chunks were coming off the back.

one dude just showed them all, riding off the front, and staying off the front, I don't know if he won, I left for home befor the race was finished.


 and repeat for a lot of laps

popping off the whip.... 

the guy in the break, liked the camera, always rode over and give a bit of a peak and grin,

a tough day on the bike is a good day in life.  cheers!  dlowe

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