I'm sorta like an ant when it comes to exploring the world.   Retracing the same path, this time a step here to the left, a turn to the right, retrace.  I'm lucky that I don't have the best short term memory, that a lot of my retracing, I've forgotten the original trek and this one seems oddly new to me.

I returned to the crypt to take photos, I have a feeling it will soon be sealed up, a new multi-use trail now has it in eye sight.     

I am not so good when it comes to faces and names,.... not good....  It just doesn't gel for me, I know you,...?  Through work, riding,.... and I know its taken as a slight insult, not to know a name, that I lose a bit of respect, starting a bit blank eyed at you waiting to see if the mind can pull it together, but... that's me.

I like how the world grows, clings to, that invasive new stronger plants crush and dominate the delicate,  that I pull weeds from the garden so the tomatoes grow stronger.   What is this need to dominate, to control, cut, prune, box, keep nature under the thumb?

I am starting to see Democracy as not the voice of the majority, but the voice that gives freedoms to the few, the different opinioned.  That protects the rights of the minority.  My power and strength is not in how we are alike, but how we are different.  And are free, encouraged, Courage,..... to not be scared of what is not like myself.

ride on, Cheers, dlowe

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