Creshiem Creek

I have not ridden up the Creshiem creek since, I think 2004.  Its now, more of a thin strip of hiking trail, now, that the bridges been washed out.  It used to be a good trail to throw into the Wissahickon loop, a there an back one, just to mix it up once in a while.

it was a good choice to throw in today.
my mind is a bit crisp, went pretty good the first half of Wiss, but then
start making errors.  So when I was dropping to the hill to Creshiem creek I took the left and followed it up.

I took all the spurs.
I followed a man walking playing a violin, I stopped and listen as he walked away, the music grew soft in the air, till it also vanished.

I sat on some rocks and just listened to the water.

I worked on a music video yesterday, was cool.  Really cool, in a freezer.  For some reason, while setting up the thermostat was at 2 degrees and the fan was pumping that cold air out into the room.
I tried to be tough, work through it, then I just couldn't take it.
"Yo, its blowing cold air in..."  oh..." were warming up the room",....  what?
no "I'm getting frozen"
..."oh it'll warm up"

a bit funny

It was cool, I got to shoot C-camera, cool look...
I have not worked a music video in years,
I've got another one tomorrow.

Loving the bikes.  road, cross, mt.  they are good. 

Cheers, dlowe.

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