big wheel

sometimes I need something to steady me,  A cold beer, a hug, a good steady wheel.  Tonight at Great Valley, I need the good wheel.  In the pack of dervish peddlers, getting their training in. 
I found a steady wheel,  always, 33% towards the front.  The ebb would shoot up the sides, and we'd, I follow the wheel steady through the meek, blown, riders. To the constant 33% spot.    A larger bloke, in classic looking colors, and black, plain black shorts.  Strong and smooth, I'd taken him to be a track rider, steady when pushing the bars into the gaps.

I like open windows.

tonight was a good legs ride, felt good, and now thinking back I don't remember much, other than shooting off the front  a few times, blowing myself up....   Perfect!

I did a warm down circuit, and coming back around the last sweeping corner, there the bloke rode.   I said "thanks for the steady wheel, you pulled me through",  he said he was getting back into riding, family, life....  

this guy, just riding steady, made my night.  that,... and having some spirit in my legs for the sprint.

cheers, d.

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