I was not tired, so just took pictures of my hotel room, working in Reading, PA
 the blossom over by the Mann music center, tress from the 1876 fair.
in the dirt of a mill, giant things, heavy, hot, sharp.

this is my life, well... some pictures of the past days.  I'm tired out by life, riding hard, working hard, and I guess if you know me, then you know that that is what makes me happy.  

a long weekend in WVa, riding with the team at the Raw Talent Ranch.  miles of climbs, tough, good

I wanna live, a majestic life, and in some ways, some times of my life, the act of living is completely majestic.

....I think about the climb, and there is no way to really remember the climb, the battle to go up, to make the bike roll on,.... there,.....and then,... or simply grabbing a few beers from the basement fridge and carrying out to the bon fire, handing 'em out to the ones with empties. 

"Le 13√®me Kontakion"  Russian Orthodoxe Songs and Choirs Vol. 2

Cheers, dlowe

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