I've found that shutting my mouth, listening a bit and showing you some respect, gets me somewhere.

did the Spring Classic stage 2 today, double flatted in the first bit, freaked me out a bit, then at the hot dog cart rest stop, pulling a bar outta my panino pocket, I noticed I had one more tube.  Not too many places left to pinch flat, so I could pick it up a bit.  a good ride.   Phila. Spring Classic is a good ride.

Friday on the way home from work, Ljiljana and I, we were working on the same job, pulled outta the rush hour congestion and stopped at BELL's MARKET.  its a Russian place, like everyone speaks and acts russian there, and its full of Russian foods.   Lots of strange, exotic things, cause you can't read the labels.  I go for the pickles and breads, Ljiljana goes for the sweets.

and if I can, I'll come around you, and keep you outta the wind.  I'm a minion.  I lust to toil.   and in the end. the reward might not be victory, but a full and contented life.

Cheers, and a classy classic Spring Classic today.  d.

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